Be it in an innovative, elegant or in a rustic style, we offer the right product for every taste and every place. Take a look into our photo gallery and you will get an insight into the different products we carry.

Wood Floorings

Massive Parquet

Massive wood has a significant place in decoration. It is a unique material that supplements all kind of places and decoration styles. Massive floors are natural and carry out the warmness of the wood to your places.

We work with Europe’s most notable Massive flooring manufacturers with various width and length options.

Layered Parquet

Layered parquet, also referred as engineered parquet, is hardwearing and decorative floor covering product whose raw material is completely natural and manufactured by fixing 2 or 3 different layers vertically underneath each other. With a top layer of at least 4 mm of massive wood, it carries out all the warmness and benefits of massive woods. Ability to choose varied widths makes layered parquets the most popular among customers. With more than 1500 different colors and more than 20 different tree options, our layered floor collections is endless.

Brushed Surfaces

The wood surface is treated with special brushes removing the soft parts of the wood. This process results of the wood structure becoming more visible and the colour of the wood deeper.

Saw Effect Surfaces

The panels surfaces are proccesed with random thin saw marks over the width which gives the planks a characteristic appereance.

Hand Planed Surfaces

The parquet surface is processed manually, leaving it with an uneven, wavy surface, which creates an authentic look and a fascinating texture.

Aged Surfaces

The surface is processed until it has an aged look wich creates an antique feeling look.

Sanded Surfaces

Sanding removes the rough parts of the floor. The structure of the wood becomes united across the surface with a smooth finishing.

Oiled Surfaces

Oiled parquets is one of the methods that preserves the natural texture and put forwards the color of the wood. The oil is thinly applied to the surface, making the woods pore fully breathable. All the oils used are completely natural and do not include any chemicals, they do not harm human health.

Varnished Surfaces

All the varnishes we use are hightly resistant to scratches and are water based. They do not include chemical solvents thus do not give harm to nature and heath. All surfaces’ natural texture is beautifully preserved by applying 3-4 coats of varnishing. After this process, the pores of the wood are fully covered making it protected to all outer factors.

Plank Installation

Plank installation is the most and common used installation technique for parquet flooring. We install single, 2-stripe, 3-stripe and massive planks to all kind of grounds. Additionally, we also offer various patterns created by different lentgh planks.


The herringbone pattern has been used for hundreds of years throughout the history. The pattern consists of very short rows of slanted parallel lines that carries out a half modern, half classical look to the space applied.


Dated back from the 16th century, marqueterie is the art and craft of applying pieces of wood, marble or veneer to a structure to form decorative geometric or floral patterns. Either layered or solidwood, marquterie designs create a classic and elegant feel to the space applied.

Square Design

Square designs have played a major role in architecture throughout history. Square designs are combined by various sized parquets; in a way to form a square. We can design, create and install all kind of square designs upon your request.

Wall Coverings


Our quality wall coverings provide all the warmth and natural texture to your space. We carry various wood covering products with different color, texture and tree types suitable for walls and ceilings.


We carry out the prefect solid wood products suitable for outdoor wall panelling and cladding.



Be it your terrace, your pool area, your garden, your balcony or even your boat, we provide quality decking products and installation.

Stair Case

Stair Case

We design, manufacture and assemble staircases suitable to all floor finishes.

Coco & Sisal

Coco & Sisal

Coco & Sisal floorings are 100% natural and obtained from plant fibers. This natural flooring is anti-bacterial, sound absorbing and anti-flammable. Coco & Sisal floorings have a unique modern texture and give a natural warmth whether it is applied at homes or offices.

Technical Info

  • Except for some tree species, all the wood products we offer are suitable for ground heating.
  • The finishing products we use on our woods are.
  • All the wood provided are solely from areas where reforestation is controlled.
  • All the paint, oil, varnish and glue used, do not contain any harmful chemicals and do not give harm to nature and heath.